The Story of Ferdinand

4384 stars
Munro Leaf

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Title The Story of Ferdinand
Rating 4384 stars
Author Munro Leaf
Pages 32
Isbn 0448421909
Review I'm not an impartial judge of this book.

I'm assuming all of you know the story. It's about a bull that doesn't want to bullfight like the other bulls. He just wants to sit and smell flowers in the field.

My mom used to read it to me when I was a kid. She used to call me her little Ferdinand, because all the other little boys wanted to run around and roughhouse. And I didn't. I just wanted to sit and read and think.

I'm not an impartial judge of this book. But I'm fond of it. And when a book's been around for 70 years, there's usually a reason for it.


I was always curious why my school library had multiple copies of The Story of Ferdinand. Until now. Upon scanning some of the other reviews I feel left out because Ferdinand was not part of my collection growing up.

I was blown away by the simple story of a gentle bull named Ferdinand, content with his life in the Spanish countryside. When it is time to choose a strong and tough bull to fight in Madrid, Ferdinand does not care and would rather smell flowers under his favorite cork tree. Ferdinand is stung by a bee and in his natural reaction of snorting and butting, he is mistaken by the city men as a suitable candidate for the bull fight and they take him away. What will happen to Ferdinand when they reach the ring? Will he turn into a rough and tough competitor as expected? Or will he remain true to his mild, contemplative nature?

Published over 70 years ago, the straightforward significance of this story is clear. Along with the rich and uncomplicated black and white drawings of Robert Lawson, Munro Leaf captures the essence of attaining happiness. Stereotyped expectations can be avoided by remaining true to oneself. Readers of all ages can identify with the notion that being different doesn’t make it wrong. Sometimes it’s the small things in life that make us the most happy. Ferdinand proves this true when he attains bliss by simply sitting and smelling the flowers.

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